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JUNE, 18-29 2015

Post Date October 23, 2014 - This program is currently scheduled to begin on the appointed date. Registration is open to singles, couples and groups.

A Note From Steffan...

We have been offering Spiritual Journeys to Peru for a number of years now. We work with some of the finest facilitators and spiritual guides in the business. We are here to fulfil your dream of having an unforgettable spiritual experience in Peru. We sincerely hope you will allow us to share with you what has been so powerful and transformative in our lives.

Important Information: Deposits become nonrefundable once we have reached the minimum number of 5 participants for a tour to take place. At that point, the tour is officially a go and deposit moneys are used to pay for tour related expenses. Some of our programs do not have a minimum number of participants requirement. In these cases deposits become nonrefundable upon receipt. If the registration deadline for a program has been reached and we still do not have at least 5 people that have submitted their deposits and registration forms, the tour will be cancelled and all deposit moneys will be promptly returned.

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Love and Light,
Steffan Heydon

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